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    Fire resistant curtains

    FC240 curtains incorporate the latest technology to allow gravity fail safe operation. The integral tubular motor and the motor control circuit together provide a current limiting facility for the upper curtain position and back EMF generation for the controlled fail safe descent.

    Fire and test deployment is always by gravity, even when the mains and battery supplies are available. This system will operate under worst case (mains and battery failure) conditions.

    This product is not designed for frequent use, this product is designed to remain open during normal use and only to be closed during a test or an emergency situation.

    Product Performance

    Complete product tested to BS476: Part 20/22, and achieved a rating of DA (1000°C, above 270 minutes). The fabric has a fire propagation index I=3.2 when tested to BS 476: Part 6. It is therefore rated Class 0 to the UK Building Regulations Approved Document B 1991.

    The FC240's wire reinforced fabric was subjected to a heat flux density test. The following results were recorded at 1.0m away from the curtain:

    • 15 Minutes - 1.6KW/m2
    • 30 Minutes - 2.6KW/m2
    • 60 Minutes - 4.4KW/m2

    From the above data it can be calculated using a formula from the SFPE Handbook, section 2, that it would be possible for building occupants to safely pass a 6.0m wide Guardian fire curtain at a distance of 1.0m after a period of 60 minutes.


    • BS 7346: Part 3: 1990
    • BS 476: Part 6: 1989
    • BS 476: Part 22: 1987
    • UL 10 C
    • UL 10 D
    • UL 555
    • AS 1530: Part 4
    • BS EN 1634 –1: 2000
    • UL 864

    Tech Info

    These sizes are relative to other factors and should only be taken as an approximate guide, pleae check with our technical department.

    Single Curtain Multi Curtains
    Minimum width 800mm 800mm
    Maximum width 6000mm 20000mm
    Minimum height 800mm 800mm
    Maximum height 20000mm 20000mm

    Roller Head Plate Sizes

    • Height below 3000mm -> 180 sq
    • Height 3000mm – 8000 mm -> 210 x 210 sq
    • Height 8000mm – 12000 mm -> 250 x 250 sq
    • Height 12000mm – 20000 mm -> 300 x 300 sq

    Standard Specification


    Operation of the curtains is via the group control panel which can either be mounted adjacent to the fire curtain head box within the ceiling void, allowing access for maintenance, or mounted in a remote position from the curtain. The panel requires a local 240v AC supply rated at 3 amps via an unswitched fused spur on a maintained supply installed by others. For operational purposes the group control panel must be connected to a normally closed volt free contact within the fire alarm control panel configured to open on fire and fail safe. Each control panel is capable of operating up to six rollers and includes battery back up which will maintain the curtains in their retracted position for a period of three hours during a mains failure. It is also possible to manually operate the curtains for twenty cycles during this period.

    Should the battery voltage fall below a pre-determined limit, a low voltage cut off circuit will activate the curtain, which will descend in a controlled manner under the power of gravity.


    The fire curtain is powered using a 24V DC tubular motor which is supplied as standard with a 4m 7 core cable. The motors and control panels feature controlled descent or gravity fail safe in the event of a signal from a fire alarm or a power failure.


    Guides are 2mm extruded steel 100mm x 50mm. When face fitted the guides have a 50mm x 50mm angle fitted to the back of the guide.


    Curtain systems are generally manufactured from stainless steel, wire reinforced, woven glass fibre fabric coated on each side with silver polyurethane.


    Headbox is manufactured from mild steel angle with an overall dimension of 42mm having a weight of 1.76Kg per linear metre. For curtains less than 2.3m wide a 4.3Kg per linear metre bottom bar would be used to ensure correct deployment under gravity. The 'T' bar can be powder coated to any standard RAL finish.

    Fitting Configurations

    • Face fit
    • Reveal fit

    The curtains must be fixed to appropriate masonry/concrete or steel supporting constructions that have a fire resistance of at least that specified for the fire curtain and are capable of maintaining adequate support for the required periods of up to 240 minutes.

    The box and the guide rails can be face and or reveal fitted. The box design features a removable access panel. Access will be required to allow the product to be maintained.

    General Upgrades

    • Split drop delay: An optional braking system is available to allow a two stage descent during gravity deployment.
    • Partial descent to a predetermined level to permit preliminary escape and initial smoke containment, after delay the barrier descends to full operational position.
    • Voice warning: Audio or spoken multi message facility.
    • Beam protection and obstruction warning: A beam detector, with delay timer which will sound in the event of any obstruction being placed in the barrier drop line.
    • Visual alert system: Standard localized light or strobe light.
    • Emergency retract: Hold on retract facility for multi escape and emergency service access.
    • Walk through escape: Passage through the barrier.

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    All Guardian products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. We offer extended warranties for up to 5 years with an agreed maintenance contract. Call us on 0800 7836602 for more details.

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    Saturday - Sunday

    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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