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Budget Doors Can Kill

Budget Doors Can Kill

Door company owner and fitter prosecuted after falling roller shutter door death

Below is a perfect example of how the demand for lower costs can lead to fatalities.

At Guardian Doors we experience a constant demand for lower prices from all sectors of the market. This has created problems in the ability for quality manufacturers to compete against the supplier base willing to produce and sell sub-standard and potentially dangerous products to feed this demand in the market.

From the DHF press release:

A Yorkshire farmer died when he was crushed under a half-tonne roller shutter door that had been badly installed, a court heard. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) brought a prosecution for safety breaches against the owner of the firm who supplied the door and the fitter who installed it.

The court heard that Robert Ireland, 71, died from multiple injuries at the farm near Malton, when a roller shutter door that had recently been fitted fell from its ‘flimsy’ mountings. The entire door, weighing 424kg, fell some 4.5m to the ground, pinning him underneath.

The HSE found that the door fell because there was a mismatch between the length of the door barrel and the distance between the supporting brackets. As a result, the end of the barrel that came free from the mountings first was only held in place by a few millimetres.

The installation problem was compounded by flimsy brackets supporting the shutter that could be easily deflected outwards by several millimetres due to the stresses created as the door was operated.

After the hearing, HSE inspector Geoff Fletcher said: "This type of incident, where the entire shutter door has fallen because the door was not securely fastened to its mountings, has occurred before and resulted in serious injuries. Installers should have the appropriate design and installation considerations to prevent it happening.

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