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Technical Advice

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Security Caging

Secure protection for sensitive areas

Guardian Secuirity Caging is a modular steel cage and partitioning system used for creating secure areas for storage of servers, computer equipment, documents, controlled medicines, confidential information and other valuables.

Guardian Server Caging offers high security with visibility and ventilation. A Guardian M15 Server Cage is also reusable and can easily be extended.


Server Caging Construction
  • Punched steel panels and framework
  • 1.5mm thick steel panels
  • 53% free airspace provides suitable ventilation for working equipment
Sever Caging Options
  • Roofing for added security
  • Flooring - can be positioned on the floor or 40mm off the floor to allow access to floor tiles
  • Doors - double/single, hinged/sliding doors available
  • Integrated 19” computer racking
  • Ladder bracing
  • Underfloor barrier systems
  • Adapted for outdoor use
  • Fully or partially ventilated or solidpanels
  • Polyester Powder Coating In a wide choice of colours
  • Corporate logos
Server Cage Panel Heights

From 2m - 4.8m  (2.4m, 2.7m and 3m are standard heights- others  available on request)

Server Cage Lattice Options
Small Square Lattice  Square Lattice  Circle Lattice  Diamond Lattice 
Small Square Square Circle Diamond
Server Cage Security Door Options

High Security double or single security doors are standard

Available from 900mm wide to 2400mm wide

Electromagnetic or key operated security door locking

Sliding or hinged options

Access control options can also be incorporated. This can record when the door lock is activated, by whom and for how long the door was open.

Server Caging Under Floor Barriers

For additional security a Guardian Server Cage can be installed with an under floor barrier. A raised floor is constructed for the under floor barrier to be secured to.

19" 45U Racks

IT equipment and network cables are strored on 19" 45U two pillar steel racks with Double Panduit cable management. Shelving is installed at suitable heights.  The racks are stabilised through ladder bracing either to existing walls or the Server Caging. This gives Guardian Caging a structure that is more stable than traditional cabinets as well as providing overhead cable trays. The ladder bracing can be purchased individually or as an integral part of a Guardian Server Cage.

Server Cage Shelving

Heavy duty shelving and keyboard shelves are compatible with the two pillar rack system to provide optimum use of space with a Guardian Server Cage.

Server Caging Installation

Guardians unique design ensures quick and easy installation. It is constructed from a series of panels and posts which are combined together to create a secure area of almost any shape or size. The structure can also be easily changed to incorporate new requirements

Guardian Server Caging can be self assembled by 2 people.  An installation guide is available or installation by a qualified team can be costed into the job. Members of the Guardian team are also available to offer personal advice on the design and layout of a Guardian Server Cage to ensure the best use of available space.

Peace-of-Mind Warranties

All our products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation.

Registered Office

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Established in 1979, Guardian Industrial Doors design, manufacture, supply and maintain industrial and commercial roller shutters, doors and gates.

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