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Technical Advice

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Lattice Gates

Effective and accredited physical security

The Centurion range of secure lattice gates offers exceptional physical security combined with stylish design for both commercial and domestic use. Suitable for door and window installations, their open lattice design allows in light, maintains views and is a visible deterrent against intruders. As well as the Centurion 1, we also offer the Centurion Insurance Approved 1 - certified for insurance compliance.

Centurion 1

The Centurion 1 provides a classic design made with galvanised steel, providing outstanding security for both home and workplace. The galvanised lattice system uses steel rivets and is available in either 'X' or 'S' lattice designs and in a choice of colours.

The system is custom built to fit the face or reveal of almost any opening and is available in either single or double-sash configurations. Where a clear walk through is required, there is an optional extra to allow folding bottom tracks. When not in use the compact sashes fold away neatly to the side, hidden behind curtains or vertical blinds.

Reliable, quick and easy to use, the Centurion 1 is virtually maintenance free and galvanised for corrosion resistance.

Centurion Insurance Approved 1

The Centurion Insurance Approved 1 offers all of the features and benefits of the Centurion 1 with additional security features. The system is tested and approved so you can be assured it is manufactured and installed to meet the highest quality assurance and compliance standards.

The galvanised steel design is secured with a four-point locking mechanism, all using a single key, and will deter the most determined of intruders. The specially designed lattice system creates additional structural strength using high patented grade steel inter-screws whilst allowing unrestricted views.

Key Benefits
  • Secure - exceptional physical security and deterrent
  • Versatile - custom-built to fit the face or reveal of almost any opening in either single or double-sash configurations
  • Ease of use - fully retractable, smooth top running operation with optional folding bottom track for clear walk throughs
  • Visibility - excellent through vision when closed, allowing unrestricted views with outstanding security
  • High quality finish - virtually maintenance free, supplied in white powder coated finish as standard. Optional colours available.
  • Classic appearance with choice of lattice styles
  • Multi-point locking from a single key
  • Floating sash version available
  • Fixed frame version available where retraction of gate is not required
Lattice Options
Standard X Lattice   S Lattice Option
X Lattice S Lattice
General Arrangement

Centurion General Arrangement

Ref Centurion 1 Centurion Insurance Approved 1
1. Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings
2. All glavanised steel construction All glavanised steel construction
3. Powder coating in a range of colours Powder coating in a range of colours
4. Fits within or around reveal Fits within or around reveal
5. Multi-point locking from single key - 2 point Multi-point locking from single key - 2 point shielded by steel plate
6. Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish
7. Overlapped locking profiles Overlapped locking profiles
8. Optional folding bottom track Optional folding bottom track
9. Steel riveted lattice assembly system Specially designed lattice assembly system utilising patented high grade steel screws


Centurion 1 Centurion Insurance Approved 1
Sizing Single Sash Double Sash Sizing Single Sash Double Sash
Min Width 350mm 700mm Min Width 500mm 1000mm
Min Height 500mm 500mm Min Height 1000mm 1000mm
Max Width *3000mm *6000mm Max Width 3000mm 6000mm
Max Height 3500mm 3500mm Max Height 3000mm 3000mm

* The Centurion 1 can accommodate unlimited width woth multiple sashes. Sashes are made in single pieces upto 2m wide. Larger sizes are made in section for onsite assembly. Gates wider than 4m will be supplied with the top track in two pieces, with a centre split.

Track Profiles

Centurion Track Profile

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