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Technical Advice

01702 512424


Our strip curtains are a simple draught sealing system for use in doorways or as a partition between work areas. The strips are constructed from transparent, flexible PVC strips. The strips are attached to the top mounting rail (wall mounting or ceiling mounting) by means of the unique VEH loop system.


Strip curtains are used:

  • to prevent or reduce draft
  • as a partition (easy to pass through)
  • to reduce noise nuisance
  • to protect personnel and goods from adverse weather conditions
  • to keep out birds and insects
  • to prevent dust and smoke from spreading
  • to protect against ultraviolet radiation during welding
  • in cold storage and freezing industry (special cold resistant material quality)

Our strip curtains consist of a range of different colour PVC strips with welded loops. These are suspended with the desired overlap from tubing which is attached to the lintel with brackets. The outer strips can be supplied in an orange colour to mark the passage width of the opening.


The strips are made of extruded transparent PVC and are available in the following qualities:

normal (N) to -5 C
freezing room quality (VC) to -35 C
transparency between 83% and 90%
strips flame-retardant

Strips are available in the following sizes:

Width Thick Height
200mm 2mm up to 3000mm
300mm 3mm up to 4000mm
400mm 4mm up to 5000mm
Overlap Options

For overlapping the strips there is a choice of:

for 200 x 2mm 2/5 - 4/5
for 300 x 3mm 2/7 - 4/7 - 6/7
for 400 x 4mm 2/9 - 4/9 - 6/9 - 8/9

The overlap percentage is largely determined by the degree of draught. The greater the overlap, the better the draught sealing.

Here are example overlap options for the 300mm x 3mm strip:

PVC Strip Overlay Options

PVC Strip Overlay Options

PVC Strip Overlay Options

Material Strength
Property DIN Unit (N) (KB)
Tensile strength 53455 N/mm 17 13
Tearing strength 53515 N/mm >5 >2
Elong. At break 53455 % 300 420
Hardness 53505 Shore-A 77 63

The strips have rounded edges.


Special structural provisions are not generally required. A stable material for attachment by means of screws or bolts is sufficient.

  • top mounting rail and brackets in stainless steel
  • straight sliding to the left or to the right in one section
  • straight sliding to the left and right in two sections
  • straight sliding to the left or to the right in two sections
  • round the corner sliding in one section
  • spring loaded curtain retainer for sliding applications

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