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Technical Advice

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Discreet Fire Protection

The FC120 is an electrically operated automatic vertical fire barrier, consisting of a stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric curtain and galvanised steel box assembly and guide rails. The box, guide rails and bottom rail can be powder coated as an optional extra.

The curtain is powered by a 24v DC motor which includes gravity fail safe as standard.

This curtain is designed to remain open during normal use and only to be closed during a test or an emergency situation. In the event of receiving a fire alarm signal or a power failure the barrier will perform a controlled descent to create a fire resistant barrier.

From the above data it can be calculated using a formula from the SFPE Handbook, section 2, that it would be possible for building occupants to safely pass a 6.0m wide Guardian fire curtain at a distance of 1.0m after a period of 60 minutes.

Product Certifications

The fire resistance performance of curtains to BS 476: Part 22: 1987

The fire resistance performance of curtains to BS EN 1634-1: 2008

Product Performance

This product is capable of providing 120 minutes integrity performance if subjected to a fire resistance test in accordance with the standards mentioned above.

Occupants of a building can safely pass a 6.0m wide Guardian fire curtain at a distance of 1.0m after a period of 60 minutes.

Tech Info
  • Minimum width: 800mm
  • Minimum height: 800mm
  • Maximum width: 5200mm
  • Maximum height: 5000mm
  • Weight Approx 17kg/m2
Standard Specification

Curtain - A stainless steel wire reinforced glass. This product is only available in a grey finish. The curtain fabric weighs 0.69kg/m2.

Guide rails - 100mm wide x 55mm deep two piece galvanised steel guide assembly.

Roller Casing - The end plates and roller casing are manufactured from galvanised steel and are 200mm wide and 220mm high. One size of end plate suits all current sizes of fire curtain.

Motors & Control Options

The standard control panel features:

  • Alarm test input
  • Emergency override input for emergency escape or Fireman’s switch
  • Audio / visual output
  • 24v battery backup

The Advanced specification panel includes all the features of the Standard and also:

  • Split drop of curtain to allow emergency access
  • Low battery automatic close feature
  • Group control facility
  • Safety device inputs
  • Integrated radio receiver

The higher specification Advanced panel includes all the features of the Standard and also:

  • 240 min resistance
  • Connection for Local heat and smoke detectors 24v DC
  • Connection for Voice warning systems 24v DC
  • Connection for Emergency retraction buttons 24v DC
  • Connection for Flashing beacons 24v DC
Fitting Configurations
  • Face Fix
  • Revel Fix

The curtains must be fixed to appropriate masonry/concrete or steel supporting constructions that have a fire resistance of at least that specified for the fire curtain and are capable of maintaining adequate support for the required periods of up to 120 minutes.

The box and the guide rails can be face and or reveal fitted. The box design features a removable access panel; access will be required to allow the product to be maintained.


There is a requirement under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 for the buildings responsible person to ensure all fire safety equipment is maintained.

Maintenance and testing of the product

The period between checks is at the discretion of the customer however we recommend the following:

Weekly Check all the system for correct operation. Test operation of systems, self contained detectors and check the integrity of the curtain.
3 – 6 months Inspection and test of the system by a competent engineer.
Annually Full inspection and test of the system by a competent engineer, clean self contained detectors. Replace the two 12v lead acid batteries in the control panel*.

*The control panel incorporates two 12v lead acid batteries which are maintenance free. However it is recommended that the battery condition is monitored on a regular basis and that they are exchanged as necessary and at least every 12 months.

Registered Office

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+44 (0)1702 260117
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Established in 1979, Guardian Industrial Doors design, manufacture, supply and maintain industrial and commercial roller shutters, doors and gates.

©2015 Guardian Doors

There is a fire curtain on the market which, until recently, advertised itself as providing “66 minutes of insulation” in addition to integrity. This is a flawed and erroneous use of the term insulation.

What was actually provided by this product was a reduced irradiance of heat and this is not the same.

One of the primary objectives of an insulation requirement is to prevent the spread of heat from igniting objects in separate compartments; compartments are “insulated” from one another i.e. via items stored next to the compartment walls. As fire curtains are an active system there is no visible compartment line to store things against and therefore no real way to demonstrate this as a feature.

In a similar fashion the testing data is flawed. The required test for measuring insulation is via thermo-couples attached to the surface of the insulating material. This is not possible with an active barrier that intumesces as the thermo-couples become detached as soon as the furnace is activated, rendering all measurements void. Therefore all test data is actually measuring irradiance as the measuring devices have to be held artificially at a distance from the surface of the fabric.

It is now practice for this “insulated curtain” to be advertised as providing an “insulating zone”. This is of course semantics. An “insulated zone” is simply a measurable area of reduced irradiance. A metal shutter or a fabric barrier provides this facility as does any item placed between a flame and the subject.

With regards specifically to Guardian fabric fire curtains they are proven to reduce irradiance from heat considerably more efficiently than, for example a metal fire shutter. A recognised, although untested method of providing increased protection from irradiance is to place two curtains back to back with a 250mm air gap between them. This causes its own mechanical problems in terms of deflection but does provide a marked reduction in irradiance.

In summary there are no fabric fire barriers on the market that provide insulation as defined in the European and British Standards, indeed new standards currently being examined make reference only to this insulating zone, which our curtains provide. Guardian Smoke & Fire Curtains provide a considerable degree of reduction to the irradiance of heat.