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Fire Door Inspection & Maintenance

Fire safety inspections

The legislation around fire door safety is extensive and for good reason. The safety of your staff and premises is of the utmost importance but it is often something that is unknowingly compromised. The 'Fire Door' is the first line of defence between you and the fire and plays a crucial role in restricting the spread of fire and smoke, thus reducing injury, property damage and death.

When you call upon the services of Guardian Doors - we will quickly establish if the products you have in place have been well maintained and that both you and your premises are fully compliant as well as safe.

Based on a recent risk assessment or building conditions survey, our inspector will visit your premises and make recommendations to ensure compliance is achieved. This scope could be broadened to include 'Fire Compartments' and/or 'Escape Routes'. – See our Fire risk assessment service.

Our inspection report will advise on the status, taking into account gaps, glazing and door hardware. It will also advise on the suitability of upgrading existing leafs as preferable to a full replacement. The report will outline a set of recommendations, including essential works required to meet the current guidelines, as well as a list of non-critical but advisable works.

Supply and Installation

As professional and experienced fire door and shutter providers we have the knowledge to work with you to ensure compliance with current regulations/guidelines. Working within your policies we can prepare documents consisting of:

  • Scope of Works
  • Materials & Workmanship
  • Design
  • Drawings
  • Approvals

We will ensure the smooth transition from tender to delivery. We provide the following fire resistant products:

  • Fire shutters and curtains
  • Steel personnel doors
  • Fire resistant glazing
  • Fire resistant sliding folding gates

Registered Office

45 Progress Road
0800 7836602
+44 (0)1702 260117
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Established in 1979, Guardian Industrial Doors design, manufacture, supply and maintain industrial and commercial roller shutters, doors and gates.

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