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Technical Advice

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Roller Garage Doors

Add value to your property with a contemporary insulated shutter door

In order to ensure a perfect fit, even to curved or arched garage openings, each Roller Garage Door is made-to-measure in accordance with ISO 9002.

Doors are produced from particularly robust and corrosion-resistant double walled aluminium with an insulating core, and are available in a range of seven attractive finishes. Roller Garage Doors have the advantage of very low maintenance and will look good for years to come without the need for repainting, thanks to the durable factory coated finish.

Whilst exceptionally strong, door slats can be easily repaired if impact damage is sustained. Backed up by a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on all manufactured parts, a Roller Garage Door is a sound investment, improving the look and security of your home.


With an insulated Roller Garage Door your garage can provide valuable additional space as a workshop, hobby or utility room. Twin-walled, maintenance free aluminium slats are insulated with CFC-free foam for increased energy conservation, reduced heat loss and improved sound proofing. Brush seals provide superior draught proofing and whisper quiet operation, whilst a bottom weather seal prevents dust and debris from blowing into the garage.

Remote Control

Convenience and security are now available at your fingertips with the luxury of remote controlled Roller Garage Doors allowing you instant access to your warm, safe and insulated garage.

Having driven home protected from the weather in the warmth and comfort of your car, the last thing you want to do is brave the weather to open your garage. With the additional crime risk to person and property, everyone breathes a sigh of relief when safely indoors. At the touch of a button your garage door will automatically open and an internal courtesy light will be activated - another touch and it will close and lock - all powered by a reliable long life motor for ultimate peace of mind - and all without leaving your vehicle.

Safety & Security

Safety included with every door.

  • Safety photocell
  • Safety pressure edge
  • Safety inertia brake

Roller Garage Doors are both reliable and robust, offering secure protection for yourself, your car and your home. Exceptionally strong aluminium slats lock into position to repel attack or attempted break in whilst remote controlled operation further increases security. Doors are supplied with two mini keyfob transmitters. Each uses secure state-of-the-art rolling code technology with literally millions of possible combinations and allows you to operate and lock the door remotely. An integral courtesy light automatically illuminates the garage interior for convenience and safety. All automatic Roller Garage Doors are equipped with an intelligent safety photocell. This will immediately stop the operation of the door if an obstruction in its path is detected, thereby preventing injury or damage.

Compact Size

The smooth vertical operation of Roller Garage Doors maximises space both inside the garage and on your driveway, allowing you to park right up to the door both inside and outside the garage. Perfect for high top off-road vehicles or people carriers, the curtain coils tightly, increasing drive through space into your garage, whilst preserving valuable overhead storage space within. Automated power operation provides convenience and security enabling you to open and close the door from inside the car, whilst insulation ensures a warm and energy efficient garage.


Plain Colour Finishes

RAL 3004

Navy Blue
RAL 5011

Light Beige
RAL 08B17

RAL 8014

Fir Green
RAL 6009

RAL 9005

Medium Oak

RAL 9010

Light Grey
RAL 7038

Metallic Silver
RAL 9006

RAL 7016

Texture woodgrain finishes



Golden Oak
General Upgrades
  • Vision sections

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Established in 1979, Guardian Industrial Doors design, manufacture, supply and maintain industrial and commercial roller shutters, doors and gates.

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