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Technical Advice

01702 512424

Sectional Garage Doors

Modern door concept, high quality, optimum performance & extensive colour range – perfect match for all types of garage

Attractively styled sectional doors are increasingly displacing traditional up-and-over and hinged garage doors in modern architecture and residential construction. Our sectional garage door is a modern, well insulated and easy-to-operate concept that is available in five panel types.

Innovative design of the door components makes this door inherently safe in operation. The risk of catching fingers between parts or of the door leaf dropping down uncontrollably has been minimised. The sectional design also creates extra usable space inside and in front of the garage, as the door opens vertically and closely follows the line of the wall and roof in this configuration.

Our sectional doors are made to measure and can be personalised to suit your exact requirements. The basic design and construction principles are based on our experience in manufacturing industrial and commercial sectional doors. The trim profiles and tracks are accordingly robust and corrosion-resistant. All these characteristics combine to make our sectional garage door a high-quality, hard-wearing product that not only improves the appearance of a home but also saves energy and reduces maintenance bills.

These products are made using the latest manufacturing techniques and have been certified by TüV Nord. This trendsetting design of garage door lends itself best to modern architectural styles. Its construction meets all current technical requirements in terms of safety standards and ease of operation. Sectional garage doors can be operated either electrically or manually.

Tech Info

Based on a door 3500mm wide x 2500mm high:

  • Resistance to wind load: Class 3
  • Resistance to water ingress: Class 3
  • Air permeability: Class 3
  • Thermal transmittance/U-value: 1.690 W/m2K
  • Sound insulation: 25dB
  • ALU section, single glazing
  • ALU section, double glazing
  • ALU section, double glazing, Acrylic, etched
  • Vision window, rectangular corners, double glazing
  • Vision window, rounded corners, double glazing
  • Round Window (ø 325 mm), frame black
  • Round ISO-window with moulded stainless steel frame
  • Restricted-height window (610x145mm, R=45) frame black
  • Alpha window unit (measuring 630x305 R=60) double glazing
  • Paint for ALU section
  • Paint for ISO, single face
  • Paint for ISO, single face (inside)
  • Paint for ISO, double face
  • Top profile finished to match door leaf
  • Paint for wicket door profiles
  • Rear-mounted spring assembly (headroom requirement 170 mm)
  • Spring break safety
  • Slack cable safety T240, T340, T400, T450, T500
  • Wicket door safety switch
  • Cable break safety
  • Marantec comfort 220 + 1 hand unit, with light
  • Marantec comfort 250. 2 speed + 1 hand unit, with light
  • Hand unit 2 channel
  • Hand unit 4 channel
  • Universal receiver 3 channel
  • Disengagement set
  • Codeswitch(wireless) Command 231
  • Extra pushbutton (inside) Command 105
  • Keyswitch build under surface Command 311
  • Keyswitch build on top of surface Command 411
  • Side pass door (Clear opening side door = production width - 240 mm)
  • Black plastic ventilation grilles (measuring 425x125) adjustable
  • Fascia
  • Handle
  • External profile cylinder lock and 3 keys

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Established in 1979, Guardian Industrial Doors design, manufacture, supply and maintain industrial and commercial roller shutters, doors and gates.

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