• Helix Spira Sectional Door
  • Helix Spira Sectional Door
  • Helix Spira Sectional Door


    The new high speed sectional door

    Guardian sets itself ambitious targets in the areas of insulation, noise and pricing. We now offer an unprecedentedly fast sectional door that also offers exceptional insulation performance: the Guardian Helix Spiral.

    Specially designed rollers keep noise to a minimum, this patented system also contributes to the sleek design of the Guardian Helix Spiral. Traditionally, two doors are often mounted in frequently used exterior openings; an insulated door for use at night and a high speed door that is used during the day. The new Guardian Helix Spiral combines the best of both worlds in a single product. An investment that pays for itself in next to no time!

    The Helix S600 has the same drive system as the Guardian Helix Spiral door but uses a standard track system. This door opens 6x faster than a similar sectional door but can be installed into a headroom of only 600 mm. The Helix Spiral and Helix S600 have a standard section height of 366 mm.

    If you have insufficient back room for the Helix S600, you have the solution of the Helix Spiral with a faster speed!


    • BSEN 13241

    Tech Info

    Max door leaf-surface 25m2 (350kg)
    Max size 5000mm x 5000mm
    Section height 366-610mm
    Opening speed 1.1m/s
    Closing speed 0.5m/s
    Section thickness 40mm
    Section joint Finger-protection
    U value at 5000mmx5000mm 1.77W/m2K (complete ISO)

    Standard Specification

    • 415V
    • Low maintenance (200,000 cycles) springless system
    • Pre-running safety-edge or light-grid (no wiring on the door leaf)
    • Class 3 wind load
    • High insulation value
    • High opening speed

    Colour Finish

    • HPS 200 Plastisol colour finish
    • Polyester powder coat finish to BS colour or RAL number
    • Range of corporate branding packages including full colour graphics
    • KINGSPAN XL 2000 finishes
    • Paint for ALU section
    • Paint for ISO, single face
    • Paint for ISO, single face (inside)
    • Paint for ISO, double face
    • Track system with powdercoating in grey color
    • Painted ISO facia panel profiles
    • Paint for wicket door profiles

    Track Configurations

    T240 Track System (max door size 22m2)

    The T240 system is used when headroom of 240mm is available above the clear opening. A rectangular tube profile is mounted at the rear of the tracks. The spring assembly is fastened to this tube. This system can also be used if headroom above the clear opening is less than 240mm when the sectional door will remain visible in the clear opening when the door is fully open.

    T340 Track System (max door size 22m2)

    The T340 system is suitable for standard situations. This system is used when a headroom of 340mm is available above the clear opening. A rectangular tube profile is mounted at the rear of the horizontal tracks. The spring assembly is fastened to this tube.

    This type of track system is an excellent solution in cases when the available headroom of 340mm is not suitable for other track systems. For example, if a glazed element is located above the clear opening or the wall above the opening is constructed from cellular concrete. In the first instance, the spring assembly would be visible from the outside. In the second instance, the material above the opening is not robust enough to carry the weight of the spring assembly.

    T400 Track System (max door size 50m2)

    The T400 system is used when a headroom of 700mm to 3400mm is available above the clear opening. The vertical tracks follow the wall line until the roof is reached and then curve through the appropriate angle to lie parallel to the roof. The spring assembly is mounted to the vertical wall just under the roof.

    T400HF Track System (max door size 18m2)

    The T400HF track system can be selected when you have a headroom of 1700mm up to 4500mm. The vertical tracks will follow the wall up to the roofline. The springs are pre-assembled and pre-mounted on to a spring beam and positioned 500mm above the clear opening height. The advantages of this system is faster installation and easy access for future repair and maintenance. A minimum high-lift of 1375mm and a maximum door width of 4500mm are the systems parameters.

    T450 Track System (max door size 50m2)

    The T450 system is used as standard when a headroom of 430mm to 700mm is available above the clear opening. The spring assembly is fixed to the building wall in this case.

    T500 Track System (max door size 28m2)

    This track system is used when the available headroom is sufficient to allow the sectional door to open vertically. The spring assembly is fixed to the wall at the top of the tracks.

    T500HF Track System (max door size 18m2)

    This track system is used when the available headroom is sufficient to allow the sectional door to open vertically. The spring assembly is fixed to a mounting arrangement at approx. 500mm above the clear opening. The door width may not exceed 4000 mm when this system is used. The low-level spring assembly simplifies drive and spring arrangement maintenance and repairs.

    General Options

    Heavy Duty Frame

    Vision Sections

    Vision Square

    Vision Round 60

    Vision Round 120

    Vision Straight

    Vision Narrow

    Vision Attractive

    • ALU panels
    • Panoramic panels
    • ALU section, single glazing
    • ALU section, double glazing
    • ALU section, double glazing, acrylic, etched
    • ALU section, double glazing, scratch resistant
    • Insulated plastic pane, Rodeca, polycarbonate
    • Vision window, rectangular corners, double glazing
    • Vision window, rounded corners, double glazing
    • Vision window, round, double glazing
    • Restricted-height window (610x145mm, R=45) frame black
    • Alpha window unit (measuring 630x305 R=60) double glazing

    Drive Motor Options

    Pull Cord Manual

    Chain Hoist Manual

    Dead Man's Switch

    Touch Control Electric

    One Touch Remote Control

    High Speed Touch Control


    Security Gates

    Keyswitch Lockbox

    Ground Locks

    Anti-Ram Bollards

    • Shoot bolt & microswitch


    Warning Lights

    Battery Backup

    Reflected Photoelectric Cell

    S/R Photoelectric Cell

    Safety Pressure Edge Wireless

    Safety Pressure Edge Wired

    Predictive Safety Edge

    Photoelectric Safety Sensor

    Slack Cable Device

    Traffic Lights

    Cable Break Safety Device

    Spring Break Safety Device

    Locking Device

    Operation & Controls




    Magic Switch


    Level 2 Control Panel

    Level 3 Control Panel

    Induction Loop



    Mushroom Push Button

    Fire Brigade Switch

    Pull Cord

    Push Buttons

    Biometric Controls

    Smoke & Heat Detector

    Access Control Relay

    Industrial Remote Control

    RFID Radio Controls

    Standard Fire Door Interface Panel

    • Remote Control - One touch operation
    • GSM Access
    • Software/network connection
    • Wind sensor
    • Sun sensor
    • Fire alarm activation

    Wicket Doors

    Wicket Doors

    The advantage of a permanent wicket door is that the doors for pedestrians and goods are completely separate. This increases safety, ease-of-use and the stability of the sectional door. A permanent wicket door is installed in the facade next to the sectional door, where the design and panel structure of the wicket door and top panel match the structure of the sectional door, unifying them and making them both architecturally and aesthetically pleasing.

    Emergency Exit

    If you intend to use the built-in wicket door as an emergency exit, talk to the local authorities first and enquire about the regulations. The authorities stipulate the conditions that the wicket door must meet, depending on the number of people working or otherwise present in the building. As a rule, four aspects determine whether a wicket door is suitable as an emergency exit: the type of lock, the door width, the door height and the threshold height. Lastly, an integrated wicket door must always open outwards, as is required for any door that serves as an emergency exit.

    Panic Lock

    A wicket door that is to function as an emergency exit must be fitted with a panic lock. Various types of panic locks are available – see page 61 for more information. A wicket door with a panic lock can always be opened using the latch on the inside, even when the deadbolt is secured.

    15mm Threshold

    To prevent the risk of tripping during escape, Guardian has developed a low threshold height of 15mm. A threshold of this height meets every national guideline on escape routes within the EU.

    Peace of Mind Warranties

    All Guardian products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by Guardian Doors, subject to correct maintenance and operation, for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. We offer extended warranties for up to 5 years with an agreed maintenance contract. Call us on 0800 7836602 for more details.

    Business Hours

    Monday - Friday
    8:00 to 17:00
    Saturday - Sunday

    Our 24 hour emergency repair service is available every day - call 0800 7836602

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