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    Insulated, secure, robust

    The new Guardian Achilles opens the way to the future of bi-fold door design. It has aesthetically pleasing styling, many safety features and options – the new Achilles is a versatile insulated door solution. It is manufactured to minimise any negative impact on the environment and, by reducing heat loss or ingress, the new Achilles can reduce energy costs. Having no bottom track or load-bearing lintel, installation of the new Achilles is straightforward, with minimal construction requirements. The new Achilles can be installed where other door systems cannot.

    Automatic operation takes only seven seconds from closed to fully open - regardless of size. In the event of a power failure or for hand-operated doors, manual operation is effortless - allowing access in as little as two seconds. No other door will give you this speed of operation and full security at all times.

    The Achilles door is available in seven different leaf configurations, with any combination of one, two or three leaves hinged to one or both jambs.

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